Why Big Data Has To Make Sense To People

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You might have three PhDs and a brain the size of a football, but if you can’t explain things in simple language to others, it will be a struggle to maximise your potential impact on the world. Of course, there are many notable exceptions of academically brilliant individuals who have transformed the world, but people such as Einstein, Newton, Hawking, et al., often developed their theories in the confines of their labs and studies.

Data Science professionals, clever as they may be, have no choice but to work extremely closely with their non-scientifically-minded colleagues. I’d just like to say that intelligence is important in business, but it is far from the only success factor. A practical focus on getting things done and an ability to get on with other people are two things that every great leader has, and what you might call EQ is sometimes more important than IQ.

So, for the data gurus to make a difference, it is essential that they learn to translate the data into something that everyone would appreciate. This might involve dazzling visualisation and colourful graphics, and it might even involve the odd bit of humour to help the points to sink in.

If the data …

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