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The Big Data Skills Gap Isn’t As Big As You Might Think

A few years ago, mentioning the term big data, even within industry circles, was more than likely to elicit some quizzical stares. In 2018, it’s hard to find a business [ … ]

Are You Ready To Become A Chief Data Scientist?

You know who you are. A high-calibre machine learning magician, a well-versed wrangler of data… but you want a bit more from your role. That may be progression, more money [ … ]

How AI Could Unlock the Intelligent Internet of Things

The algorithmic organisation is an organisation built around smart algorithms. Algorithms that define company processes, that deliver customer services, that take action when necessary and as such define the way [ … ]

Is Open Data the Silver Bullet for Better Drugs?

Open data sharing within the pharmaceutical industry is crucial for opening the floodgates of innovation. Successful innovation depends on having a rich supply of high-quality data because, without the right [ … ]

Advanced analytics in the Quick Service Restaurant Industry

The fight over which restaurant gets to satisfy your appetite is surely heating up. With ~$800B sales last year, this is an exciting space to watch, especially now. Customer expectations [ … ]

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