Category: Privacy Impact Assessments

Interview with Waël Hassan: Why Security and Privacy Must Work Together

Dr. Waël Hassan, chief editor of Transigram, is the founder of Ki Design, a consulting group specialized in big data solutions, privacy in design, cyber security, and privacy compliance. As [ … ]

Where Do We Start? Privacy for Community Organizations

Small to midsize organizations serving communities usually have some awareness of privacy regulations and have developed a privacy policy, but may struggle to integrate privacy principles into their daily operations. [ … ]

Is your corporate culture desensitized to risk?

What retail executives should do in the post Home Depot/Target breach world In a race to the bottom, where companies are driving revenue mainly by reducing costs, there is pressure [ … ]

Extending the Reach of Healthcare: Mobile Health Devices, Privacy and Compliance

Mobile health devices make it possible for clinicians to monitor patients’ health on a day-to-day basis, regardless of their physical location. These technologies can greatly improve care for patients who [ … ]

Making Privacy Agile: Privacy Impact Assessments for an Agile IT Environment

 With the increasing popularity of agile IT, privacy officers responsible for assessing new software programs are finding it difficult to keep track of changes and ensure that proper checks are [ … ]

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