Healthcare IT Security and The Internet of Things

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The major distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack which targeted Dyn shook a lot of people, especially experts in IT security. Dyn is well known for offering domain name services (DNS), and the attack crippled most parts of the internet. In simple terms, a DNS provider has the same role of air traffic controller, that is, the provider routes internet traffic. The DDoS attack made major services like Spotify, Twitter and Netflix to load slower than normal or even unavailable.

Investigators found that the cyber attackers found weaknesses in the devices – wireless enabled baby monitors and smart home appliances which were connected to these major services. The attackers then used the Mirai malware to unleash botnets. In other words, the attackers exploited susceptible Internet of Things (IoT) for the attack to be successful. It is estimated that over 500,000 devices have been infected by the Mirai malware. Also, the Mirai malware attack affected Allscripts and Athena Health who deal with EHR devices.

Why healthcare is more vulnerable than other sectors

Security experts in healthcare IT industry have warned that IT security in healthcare is no longer about medical data or healthcare. Recent data breaches in healthcare were attributed to security compromises in their HIPAA business associates. Cyber …

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