Audrey Chen graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science in June 2015. She is an analyst for KI Design, working on projects related to privacy, risk, policy, and government. Audrey can be reached at .



Aylin Manduric studies International Relations and Peace, Conflict, and Justice Studies at the University of Toronto. She enjoys writing about civil society, human Aylinrights, health policy, and intellectual property law. In addition to her work with Transigram Magazine, she works as a research analyst for the University of Toronto’s G7 and G20 Research Groups. She has written for several health and human rights publications, including Juxtaposition Global Health Magazine, and Rights in Writing. She also covers international law related stories for Solitary Watch. Aylin can be reached at .



Esther Townshend is an M. Ed. candidate in CoTransigram profile picunselling & Psychotherapy at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Her interests include social policy, social determinants of health, and health and mental health care practice within marginalized communities. In addition to writing for Transigram, she has recently worked with the Yonge Street Mission and Toronto Distress Centres, and is actively involved in Toronto’s Parkdale community.


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