Category: Threat Risk Assessment

Interview with Waël Hassan: Why Security and Privacy Must Work Together

Dr. Waël Hassan, chief editor of Transigram, is the founder of Ki Design, a consulting group specialized in big data solutions, privacy in design, cyber security, and privacy compliance. As [ … ]

Law Firms See Insurance as Bulwark Against Data Breach

David Johnson had just finished meeting with a cybersecurity consultant about beefing up the company’s protections when he learned the servers had been hacked. As general counsel of Global Cash [ … ]

Cyber-Risk Insurance Update

Corporate Insurance Law Howard B. Epstein and Theodore A. Keyes, New York Law Journal July 27, 2015    |  Choose Existing Folder ]]> Your (Article, Chart, Blog) was successfully saved to [ … ]

Defining Damage Control in the Breach Epoch

In the past few weeks, we have seen ample evidence that technology breaches have replaced product recalls as the crisis management challenges of our present and future. The news has [ … ]

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