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11 points for American Health IT hoping to extend HIPAA compliance to Canada

What is HIPAA equivalent in Canada?   US-based health IT companies seeking to expand their operations north of the border must determine how American health privacy requirements translate in Canadian [ … ]

What will the next Gen of IT Executives look like?

A Transigram Magazine survey of IT executives found that only 34 percent of current IT executives actually hold degrees in computer science (CS) or a directly related field , such [ … ]

Why the US May Be Ahead of Canada When it comes to Privacy

Canada takes pride in its privacy regulation. We claim to have strong privacy laws regulating commerce, health care, and other sectors, which are interpreted and enforced by Information and Privacy [ … ]

Why invest in Privacy

5 Reasons to invest in privacy For companies and public organizations running on limited budgets, it can be difficult to see the benefits of investing in privacy. In our experience, [ … ]

Age of enforcement in Ontario – Hospital CIO News

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to permit class action lawsuits and its impact on the state of privacy across the nation. [ … ]

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