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Tackling the Challenges of Big Data- REGISTRATION OPEN

This Digital Programs course will survey state-of-the-art topics in Big Data, looking at data collection (smartphones, sensors, the Web), data storage and processing (scalable relational databases, Hadoop, Spark, etc.), extracting [ … ]

Implementing De-identification III: Designing De-identification Business Architecture

De-identification business architecture aims to ensure that de-identification is used with clear purposes and rules, integrates smoothly into your organization’s business process, and is genuinely useful to clients. The first [ … ]

The Missing “Why” in Big Data

Why is big data such a big deal? Learning why corporations are adopting big data helps you understand what it is and how to protect your privacy as more and [ … ]

From Data Collection to Data Use — Big Data

Big Data Transforms the focus of Computing Science From Data Collection to Data Use Big Data can add new value to collected information in the form of business intelligence. It [ … ]

American Cloud Services for Canadian Healthcare Organizations

Cloud data storage appears to be a promising option for simplifying healthcare information management. However, most cloud service providers are located in the United States and are subject to different [ … ]

A Data Science Approach to Evaluating Innovative Healthcare Models

Ontario’s new Family Health Team and Health Links models aim to transform frontline healthcare delivery with the goal of improving patient care and reducing costs. These programs will likely be [ … ]

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