How Blockchain is Making Data Predictions More Accessible

Thanks to developments in big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), predictive analytics is starting to become highly reliable. It’s easy to notice how Google’s search suggestions or [ … ]

Five Essential Resources Needed for Big Data Analytics

Big Data services could run the gamut from assessments of data to business strategy to implementation. The services are offered by various business organisations, beyond systems integrators, VARs and IT [ … ]

Most Technology Projects Fail. What is Your Data Management Plan?

The failure rate for technology projects continues to be over 50%, and some estimate it’s even higher. While that statistic may or may not surprise you, what will surprise you is how much data management [ … ]

Why AI-Powered Fake News is Very Dangerous

We live in unprecedented times, where, unfortunately, increasingly things are not what they seem to be or what they should be. We only have been in this situation for less [ … ]

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