Tenure-track position in Intersectional Surveillance Studies

Academic Opportunity Employment Opportunity The Department of Sociology at Queen’s University invites applications for a Queen’s National Scholar (QNS) position at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor with a [ … ]

AI In Telecom: Intelligent Operations is the New Norm

The move towards an intelligent world is faster and more rapid than it ever was before. The increase in this transition has been propagated through the role of several high [ … ]

Is Big Data Eliminating Gut Feel in Business?

Many of us trust our gut feeling implicitly. We have all been there when something didn’t feel right but done it anyway. There was nothing obvious to suggest that it [ … ]

Why Blockchain and Analytics Don’t Mix Well

The concept of a blockchain is quite a phenomenon in recent times. It has quickly risen from a relatively obscure idea known mostly within some small circles to one that [ … ]

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