The Resurgence of Artificial Intelligence During 1983-2010

In memory of Alan Turing, Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy Prologue Every decade seems to have its technological buzzwords: we had personal computers in the 1980s; Internet and worldwide web [ … ]

Lower Numerical Precision Deep Learning Inference and Training

This advertorial is sponsored by Intel® Introduction Most commercial deep learning applications today use 32-bits of floating point precision (ƒp32) for training and inference workloads. Various researchers have demonstrated that [ … ]

3 Ways to Ensure Customer Confidence in Your Big Data Strategy

With more and more data being collected on every transaction between individuals and organizations, companies and consumers everywhere are becoming increasingly concerned with security. Going by the numerous data breaches [ … ]

How Big Data Has Impacted Finance And Banking

domination of markets everywhere. The data revolution that’s fundamentally reshaped the economy from the top down has overwhelmingly been a net positive, however, and for all the disruption that big [ … ]

How to Develop a Blockchain Strategy: A Blockchain Roadmap for Your Business

Knowing what blockchain is and how it can contribute to solving some of the world’s biggest challenges is one thing; knowing how to develop a blockchain strategy is another thing [ … ]

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