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Implementing De-identification V: From Planning to Action to Automation

Assessing needs, setting maturity goals, designing business architecture, and choosing suitable technology sets the stage for rolling out new de-identification services smoothly. This is not a one-time event, but rather [ … ]

Implementing De-identification IV: How to Choose De-identification Software

Whether you decide to perform de-identification internally or procure a service provider, it is important that the technology to be used fits your organization’s needs and goals, and has the [ … ]

Implementing De-identification III: Designing De-identification Business Architecture

De-identification business architecture aims to ensure that de-identification is used with clear purposes and rules, integrates smoothly into your organization’s business process, and is genuinely useful to clients. The first [ … ]

Implementing De-identification II: How Mature Is Your De-identification Practice?

Last week, we discussed defining use cases as a first step towards implementing de-identification effectively. The next step is to assess your existing de-identification practices and develop a plan to [ … ]

Implementing De-identification I: Who Gets What Kind of Data?

In our first article of our Implementing De-identification series, we discuss how to define use cases as a means to establish who will be receiving de-identified data and what types [ … ]

Upcoming Series: Enterprise Guide on Implementing De-Identification

Upcoming Series: Implementing De-identification An Enterprise Implementation Guide Purchasing de-identification software and training staff to use it is a good first step – but more is needed to implement de-identification [ … ]

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