Category: Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Journey to Becoming Digital

Do you want to be a digital enterprise? Do you want to master the art of transforming yourself and be at the forefront of the digital realm? How can you [ … ]

Identity and Access Management as a Service: A New Assessment Model

Our experience has shown us that typical privacy impact assessment frameworks are not ideal for assessing Identity and Access Management systems. We present a new assessment model that draws on [ … ]

Untying the link: Why should retailers change course on linking data?

Recent news about customer credit card data breaches at Target and Home Depot has made retailers take a closer look at their security practices, but privacy has largely been left [ … ]

Canadian Mobile Health Initiatives: Lessons Learned

Recent Canadian initiatives suggest that mobile health applications can help integrate healthcare into individuals’ daily lives, by enabling remote communication between healthcare providers and patients. These first initiatives have revealed [ … ]

A Case for De-identification Business Architecture

Purchasing de-identification software and training staff to use it is a good first step – but more is needed to build an effective de-identification service. De-identification business architecture helps to [ … ]

Making Privacy Agile: Privacy Impact Assessments for an Agile IT Environment

 With the increasing popularity of agile IT, privacy officers responsible for assessing new software programs are finding it difficult to keep track of changes and ensure that proper checks are [ … ]

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