The Role Of Machine Learning In Marketing Research And Automation

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Marketing campaigns generate tons of data that can be used to understand customer preferences and behavior. This includes structured data (information like name and location that prospects provide voluntarily) as well as lots of semi-structured and unstructured data. Social media texts, navigation behavior on your website, photos and emails are all examples of unstructured data that can reveal a lot about the customer when studied individually but may not convey anything at a holistic level.

Let us take an example. A study of user behavior on a popular apparel store showed that 20% of visitors from search engines hit the ‘Buy’ button within two minutes of landing while 30% of visitors bounced (quit the page) for the same keyword. Navigational study of individual users showed that some users quit after checking out the various color variants of the product while a few other users quit as soon as the page finished loading.

At an individual level, it is easy to identify a fix for each of these visitors who do not convert. Perhaps some of these users did not find the product in the color they were looking for while others decided that the product was not for them as soon as …

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