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What is the Future of the Internet of Things in Health?

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad term referring to all pieces of technology that connect to the Internet and each other. A subset of the Internet of Things is the Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT). This refers to all pieces of Internet-connected technology that apply to the healthcare industry.

The IoHT and development of new technologies in the healthcare field has made significant strides in improving patient care. It is not just about maintaining records and communicating with patients. If household appliances and business technology can be added to the IoT, then medical devices can as well.

A fully connected IoHT can enable practitioners to provide individually customized data-based treatments. If patient records are made readily available, the provider can view a comprehensive medical history cross-referenced with data-based treatment research successfully administered to similar patients. The more data available regarding current treatments, medications, and patient history, the better care the patient will receive.

The IoHT will not only benefit patients on a personal level, but it will streamline the healthcare process by allowing practitioners to communicate and instantly access patient information with the appropriate permissions. Let’s say, for instance, that a patient resides in Arizona. However, while vacationing in California, …

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