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How to Leverage AI for Cybersecurity Assurance

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In the game of cybersecurity, humans are the weakest link and usually the cause of unwanted breaches. Even highly educated and influent individuals can become unsuspecting targets of cyber-attacks, due to a lack of vigilance and taking security matters too lightly. Until now, this war was mainly human versus human. Things are about to change with the introduction of AI as the future of cybersecurity. It will soon be a challenge of super-computers against each other, much like it already is in the world of automated trading.

Challenges of cybersecurity

Human nature

The biggest threat to cyber security at this time is the careless nature of people towards passwords. The complexity of currently available algorithms would take years of continuous work by computers to break through brute force. However, users jeopardize their online safety by using simple passwords such as “123456” or their pet’s names. Most users release a significant amount of personal data through social media every day. It could take seconds for an algorithm powered by AI to break into sensitive accounts by leveraging user-generated content, freely available online.

Although awareness about cyber threats is high, there has been no notable change in the behavior of people, leading to better protection. We are afraid of …

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