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Why Data Governance is the Foundation of a Healthcare Big Data Strategy

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Big data is everywhere, and many businesses are using it to improve their processes and strategies with great success. But one area where big data seems to be lagging is in healthcare. Many healthcare institutions want to adopt and expand their usage of big data, but in order to do so, they’ll need to focus on data governance.

What is data governance?

In a nutshell, data governance is what keeps data safe, secure, and up to an organization’s standards. Data is everywhere around us, and patients and consumers are used to being able to access the information they need almost as soon as they need it. However, that accessibility comes with a cost that many people don’t see—it puts much of the data at a greater risk of being hacked and stolen.

Data governance works to fight that and to secure data by creating systems so that users can trust their data. In a comprehensive data governance program, users are responsible for creating quality data and using it in a secure and ethical manner with proper authorization. In healthcare, this often comes down to establishing data governance principles that ensure data is consistent and reliable.

Why is it important?

The overall goal of data governance …

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