5 Ways Big Data In The Marketing World Will Affect Consumers

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Do you ever feel like certain companies are following you around the internet? It’s easy to think they know your every thought, but in this particular case, there is a reasonable explanation for why you see them everywhere. That doesn’t mean companies don’t have so much of your info it would blow your mind.

Big data is going to change the way companies operate. In most cases, it will help consumers too, at least some of the time. It’s going to have a much bigger impact on your life in the future, so let’s look at a couple of things from the marketing world that will affect you going forwards.

1 – More Big Data Equals Popular Products

You gave up your freedom a long time ago when you started signing up to every social media network under the sun. Then the smartphone came along and now everyone is glued to the internet more often than not.

We’re going to see the same trend going forwards as augmented reality, virtual reality, and lots of wearable devices become mainstream. The amount of big data companies will have at their disposal will make products even more popular.

2 – Ads Will Become A Lot More Targeted

Let’s use real-time …

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