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How Virtual Reality can take Animation to Next Level

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Virtual Reality (VR) is slowly, if not stealthily taking over the world. Offering users immersive worlds, VR promises to transform the ways that we entertain ourselves. VR helps to make older media new again as it breathes life into the standards we have become accustomed to. The medium is finding applicability into many differing fields such as gaming, training material and education. Yet, in many ways, virtual reality is still finding its footing as creators attempt to identify more usable applications for the medium. And while VR has made major inroads into entertainment, it also comes as no surprise that animation is especially poised to make huge strides with regards to animation. Yet the question remains, how much does virtual reality have to offer the field of animation? Can it help to create something completely bold and new? What we are going to find out is that virtual reality is equipped to take animation to unseen realms.

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As John Lee Head of Productions at Spiel Creative noted, “Animated videos can express so much without saying a word. In these videos, music and moving images can transport viewers into another dimension, cultivating emotions, entertaining, creating suspense, and engaging them to the …

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