How Big data & AI are Improving Internet Marketing

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Big data is touching our lives in numerous ways. By the year 2020, nearly 1.7 trillion megabytes of new information will be generated every second. The big data revolution is playing a tremendous role in the future of online marketing as well.

Here are some ways big data is a boon for the Internet marketing profession.

More Granular Approach to Optimization

Whether companies are trying to generate leads, boost Facebook or Instagram likes or focus on direct selling, they need to collect plenty of data to optimize their campaigns. Creating successful online marketing campaigns requires extensive testing and optimization. The more variables you track, the easier it is to improve your campaigns.

Before major advances in server technology and cloud computing, brands had to restrict the data they monitored, which limited their ability to optimize their campaigns. Today, big data allows them to retain much more extensive records of their marketing campaigns, which makes optimizing campaigns easier than ever.

Provide Better Targeting

Every experienced marketer agrees that targeting is the most important part of online marketing. Targeting your ads to the right users has a greater impact on your ROI than your landing pages, ads, day parting and virtually every other variable you can picture.

Big data …

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