Virtual Reality In Educational Use: A Few Notable Examples

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Back in the old days, as in a few years ago, children were taught using chalkboards and textbooks. Some lucky classes had video and social or physical interaction in their lesson plans. Now it seems that virtual reality application development has found at least one permanent home, in the classroom.

Google has a new platform called Google Expeditions. Its purpose is to bring virtual reality to the classroom using the Google Cardboard headset. Some teams will also teach the teacher, going to classrooms to show instructors how to implement the program. Kits are available for purchase already on the Google site. The virtual reality app developers plan to have students and teacher share a visit to locations not easily explained through textbooks. It’s also a perfect venue for the teacher to lecture while she shares the same view, selecting specific topics in the view or directing kids’ attention to areas they’d miss on a real field trip.

Although field trips are fun, they tend to be a cumbersome process for educators. Kids miss school time and parents need to give special permission. With app development deployed towards education, bringing the sites, countries and world historic events to the classroom has become easier. …

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