How Is Big Data Changing Supply Chain Management

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In the last couple of years, big data technology was implemented in many different industries. Big data innovations have uplifted the business process to another level by introducing more predictability and by automating the decision making-process. Implementation of big data into the supply chain management has shown similar results. The use of big data technology has enabled companies to react faster to the changes within their supply chain and to drastically improve customer experience. In this article, we’re going to analyze some of the new supply trends that are directly connected with the big data technology implementation.

Real-time tracking

Today, every modern retail company offers a real-time tracking feature. Time tracking data can also be used as a basis for the innovation of the supply chain, especially when it’s combined with the data coming from the social sources, like eCommerce analytics, social networks, news, weather, etc. Big data allows companies to plan their future inventory and supply routes in real time, without relying on historical data. This functionality is very important for the accuracy of the eCommerce logistics process.

The biggest couriers have already replaced the outdated ERP tracking technology with the Internet of Things sensors, which can follow the whole shipment process …

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