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Advances in Blockchain Analytics, Through more Investment & Collaboration

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Since our previous post, raising questions for Blockchain to answer, I have seen more news on Blockchain Analytics.

It seems many individuals and firms are working in this space. To bring together the power of analytics (sometimes plus AI), to help both analyse blockchain data and enable new types of analytics.

We raised, in that previous post, the unanswered questions on whether blockchain could help overcome current data challenges & how data held in blocks in chains could be analysed.

In this short follow-up post, I’ll share some progress I’ve made in seeing answers to some of those questions. This includes news items & a video, together with an encouraging increase in collaboration across these different technology specialisms.

Investment in cracking Blockchain Analytics

There have been several stories in UK & US news about investments in blockchain start-ups & more established firms. Indeed the US government seems particularly committed to investing in this technology development.

One story that caught my eye, as it offered promise for more ‘out of the box‘ solutions to blockchain data analytics, is this news item on the acquisition of Skry (formerly CoinAnalytics) by Bloq. If they are able to realise the potential outlined in this article, it could make for some breakthroughs …

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