AR Apps In Three Top Industries

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Virtual and augmented reality has remained a buzzword for technology fans and it’s on everyone’s radar for the upcoming year as well. Mobile devices are the wave of the future and to connect with users, more and more businesses and industries alike are turning to VR and AR and hoping to use their potential. App development has begun taking a turn for better, and more creative ways to both use and integrate VR and AR.

Augmented reality app development has already begun proving it’s worth the cost and effort. It has begun to profoundly impact real estate, education and gaming.

Real Estate

Real estate is typically a difficult market, with clients taking a long time to buy or even rent. Although commissions are significant, real estate professionals don’t like to wait and are hoping to use every tool available to move the sale cycle along. Augmented reality on a realtor’s site can provide information that hasn’t been seen before prior to a home walk-through. App developers can create presentations that bring the client into the home and offer views that even human eyes are not accustomed to seeing, such as the layout from above, the location in a development or the height of …

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