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Working in the (data) heart of KPN

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Working in the (data) heart of KPN

The main question appears to be a simple one: What makes it so interesting to work as a Data Analyst at KPN? “Do you have a minute,” Ruben Timmermans asks with a smile. What follows is a talk about concretising “Xs and Ys,” the urge to innovate and true team spirit.

After earning his degree in Econometrics, Ruben Timmermans started working as a Data Analyst at KPN in 2016. “Econometrics teaches you all about the theoretical application of mathematical models. At KPN, these Xs and Ys are translated into concrete business with the help of statistics. There is a mathematical solution for every wish or problem. It truly makes you realise how much value data analysis can add for the customer,” Ruben explains excitedly.

Is a degree in Econometrics a requirement for working as a Data Analyst at KPN?

Ruben: “We have a lot of econometricians in our Data & Analytics department, but this is also an interesting professional environment for people with a different scientific and statistical background. KPN is an organisation with millions of customers who are each on their own “customer journey.” It is our job to discover and optimise these journeys using data …

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