Why Control Is Necessary For Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a very big and useful technology that has taken the world by storm. As beneficial as it is, it also has its drawbacks. No matter how efficient they are, machines only work on algorithms and these algorithms should not be over trusted for several reasons.

There may be a genuine error in its algorithm that leads to different actions from the expected or desired ones. A bug or malware may find its way into the code and this will lead to abnormal behavior of these machines. Programmers may deliberately input wrong codes for ulterior motives. This is why explainable artificial intelligence is the way to go.

With explainable artificial intelligence, every user will be able to understand how a machine works. Besides, the machines will come with a high level of transparency and accountability. Every machine should be able to explain why certain actions need to be taken to its users.

It should also explain why that is the best option and why other alternatives may not work out for a particular situation. Explainable artificial intelligence also aims at making it obvious to users when a particular machine has failed on a particular task and when it has succeeded in …

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