How to Balance Analytics Agility and Stability

There have been many science fiction stories (as well as video games!) that revolve around the tradeoffs between powerful, strong, hard to harm combatants and those that are small, nimble, but easy to harm. Both have their merits and both can be useful in different situations. However, the same profile doesn’t work best in every situation.

There are situations in a fight where being fast is more important than being strong. There are also cases where being able to stand your ground is more important than speed. The same is true with analytics. At times, agility is more important. At other times, stability is more important. The key is to know when you need which option.

The Flaws Of Targeting Only Stability

Many organizations struggle to progress effectively in their analytics journeys because of too large a focus on stability. During the exploration and discovery process, nearly all the stringent rules applied to a mission-critical production process are enforced from the start. This makes it very difficult to go in new directions and drives costs up much higher than they need to be. After all, if I just want to quickly see if an idea has merit, I don’t need my process to …

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