What Would the Big Data from Your Brain Tell You?

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Would you really want to know?

Amongst his other amazing projects, Elon Musk wants to help hook us up to our brains.

According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, he is backing an operation called Neuralink, which is experimenting with putting electrodes in our brains to enhance their function. The benefits for a whole variety of conditions are obvious, but it poses a question:

Is this venture into brain technology the start of the next space race?

We have conquered many parts of our exterior world, but with lightening fast improvements in A.I. technology, will human brains now be in a race to keep up with their robot A.I. cousins? This “neural lace” technology has so many real-world applications, and it could eventually mean that an entirely different “class” of people emerge, but I would just like to ask the question whether it would be entirely healthy to have intimate access to every single thought that has ever crossed our mind?

If the technology advanced to this stage, would we want a Big Data style archive of our life?

Most of us have enough trouble remembering what we need to do from day to day, and few of us get enough sleep to …

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