9 Tips For Keeping Customer’s Data Safe

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The following are 9 ways to better protect sensitive data and encourage trust from customers. 

1.  Be sure that your privacy policy includes an accurate explanation of how customer data is used by your company. 

Trust plays a critical role in increasing consumers’ willingness to share their personal data with businesses.  However, according to an HBR study, social media sites have a tendency to get one of the lowest trust ratings from consumers.

Misleading customers about the way their data is collected, stored, protected and used can create reputation and legal issues for your business.

Trade bodies and government agencies have tightened up how they deal with organizations that have deceptive statements contained in their privacy policies – so do not get caught doing this.  Double or even triple check our privacy policy to make sure all of its information is up-to-date and accurate.

What will happen if you don’t?  Snapchat has been one of the victims of the new regulatory crackdown.  It was found that the company deceived users regarding personal data, including information being collected off of iPhone contact lists and using slack security measures that resulted in users being exposed to security breaches.

Snapchat was not fined.  However, the company was forced …

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