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What to do if Your Information was Part of a Data Breach?

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The number and threat of cybercriminals is rising, and they are after your personal information. They are attacking you from every angle they can think of. You are getting bombarded with malware, scams and more — all in the attempt to gain enough information about you to steal your identity or steal money directly from you.

But you aren’t the only holder of your personal information. Many businesses and government agencies hold pieces of your information, ranging from your email address to your social security number. Cybercriminals know this and target businesses constantly as a source for information. If one of them does breach a company that has your information, here’s what you need to do to stay safe:

Respond Immediately

The moment you find out that a company who has your personal information has been breached, you need to get to work immediately. Putting off fixing any potential damage caused by the data breach is just giving the hackers and criminals more time to accomplish their goal. The really frustrating part is that they probably already have a huge head start on you too.

On average, it takes about 200 days for a company to detect a data breach. That means that typically, …

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