Two-Factor Authentication: To Build Or To Buy?

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For any business dealing in any niche, cost-price, etc are the most discussed and looked after synonyms. And why not? Most often or not, cost either works as the deal maker or the deal breaker when it comes to decision-making. Need I say everybody is trying to optimize this factor as much as possible? But many times, in order to reduce this factor, people end up making wrong decisions resulting in failure in the original quest.

For example, with the hike in cases of data breaches, the implementation of two-factor authentication is at its peak. If you are dealing with sensitive customer data, you also would have either implemented this solution or are going to implement it very soon. And obviously, the idea of “building two-factor authentication on your own”, must have crossed your mind more than once. After all, it will reduce costs (or it seems so), you would have full control over your data and it is exciting, right? So let’s do it!

Well, hold back your horses! If you do some analysis, building this 2FA on your own is not that wise, if you look at other factors like prior investment, after effects, etc. Don’t worry, we’ll soon dive into …

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