5 Major Big Data Predictions for 2017

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Big data is, well, big business. It’s believed over the next four years, over two billion people will be utilizing personal cloud storage at a capacity of 1.7 gigabytes per user per month. The cloud will gradually become the standard method of storage for both personal and professional needs, minimizing the use of everything from physical servers to flash drives.

The cloud is expected to take the forefront in a lot more than storage. Here are five major big data predictions that will be with us in the workplace long beyond 2017.


eLearning companies were among the first industries to take full advantage of the cloud. Through mobile learning management systems, they provide exceptional tools that have transformed onboarding and training for companies and employees in every way. The cloud has given every employer great opportunities to create and customize training to fit specific needs and goals. The tech lets the employer design training unique to each individual employee. Employees can log in, pause sessions, pick up during their commute, and take the exam at home.


The cloud has significantly altered the way we create, edit, share, and present content. The once mighty Microsoft and Corel office staples are taking a step back …

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