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We are at a global crossing point and if we manage to solve some of the problems that we have created in the past decades, the world can become a better place. When the internet was developed 28 years ago, the objective was to create a decentralised internet. However, somehow, we ended up with an internet which is in the hands of a few very powerful companies. As a result, the internet can go down for millions of people if one of those companies has a problem. This was the case a few months ago, when AWS experienced ‘a glitch’, or better know a typo, which brought down the internet for millions of users.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee explained it eloquently during the Decentralised Web Summit in 2016:

“The web was designed to be decentralised so that everybody could participate by having their own domain and having their own webserver and this hasn’t worked out. Instead, we’ve got the situation where individual personal data has been locked up in these silos.” – Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Fortunately, a new technology has appeared that can solve the existing problems with the internet and bring it back to its origins; a decentralised web, where everyone can participate …

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