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Health Privacy Summit Event Brings Together Influential Leaders to Develop Strategies on Improving

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CLEARWATER, Fla., May 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — FairWarning, the worldwide leader in patient privacy intelligence, announced today its CEO and Founder Kurt Long will contribute in the upcoming Health Privacy Summit, an annual event founded by Patient Privacy Rights that brings together hundreds of individuals and organizations involved with transforming the healthcare system, from technology, national and international governments, law, policy, and the public.

The International Summit on the Future of Health Privacy gathers national and international experts to discuss global patient privacy issues and solutions, with an emphasis on improving global care. Pertinent topics covered by this year’s summit include; artificial intelligence and ethics, health privacy in the LGBTQIA community, prescription drug monitoring programs and privacy, the EU’s general data protection regulations’ effects on the U.S., blockchain technology and health data, and workplace wellness / employee genetic testing issues.

Mr. Long will participate as a panelist on “Ethical & Privacy Issues regarding Artificial Intelligence”, during which he will provide his insights into security and privacy as they relate to Big Data and the coming AI revolution. He’ll also discuss the responsibility of industry leaders to work together to shape healthcare privacy and security through a focus on both people and technology.

Mr. Long will present the “Data Detective” awards during the June 1st evening awards gala and will also make the opening remarks on June 2nd to kick-off the second day’s events.  Mr. Long is a recognized thought leader in information security, privacy and compliance, and has been quoted in dozens of articles, published multiple industry papers, and provided expert testimony before governments in the U.S. and Europe.

“Our annual summit was created to address the most pressing security issues and to present realistic solutions gleaned from the best minds in industry, advocacy, academia, and government,” said Deborah Peel, Founder and President of Patient Privacy Rights. “As the risks facing patient information and data privacy continue to increase in frequency and complexity, it’s important that all participants work together for improved monitoring and management of security concerns. We’re excited to welcome Kurt Long and FairWarning to the summit and look forward to hearing his insights about the ethical questions AI and other technology will present in the near future.”

Health Privacy Summit event details:

“As the market leader in patient privacy intelligence, we have a keen interest in seeing adoption of our technology by care providers as a means to build trust with their patients,” said Mr. Long. “I have a continual desire to help all involved organizations with developing a lasting moral compass for privacy monitoring in healthcare and am excited to contribute to this important global event.”

Visit https://patientprivacyrights.org/health-privacy-summit/ to learn more about the event.

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FairWarning strives to protect the health, wealth, and personal information for everyone on Earth. The company’s industry-leading application security solutions provide data protection and governance for Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Salesforce, Office 365, and hundreds of other applications. FairWarning solutions protect organizations of all sizes against data theft and misuse through real-time and continuous user activity monitoring and improve compliance effectiveness with complex federal and state privacy laws such as HIPAA, PCI, FINRA, SOX, FISMA and EU Data Protection Act. FairWarning catches people stealing your data.

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Title: Health Privacy Summit Event Brings Together Influential Leaders to Develop Strategies on Improving

Source: news from Healthcare Privacy

Link: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/health-privacy-summit-event-brings-together-influential-leaders-to-develop-strategies-on-improving-patient-privacy-rights-on-a-global-scale-300466219.html

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