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The Future of Smart Homes

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Certain smart technologies are still at the beginning of their development, but they already bring a futuristic feel to homes. The home automation market is growing every day and a big part of this growth is increasing through the tablet market. There are smart home DIYers out there that are making good use of their tablets, turning it into a remote control. As long as people can come to realize that Smart Homes are an investment into the future, the smart home market will continue to grow, while more users will be able to enjoy potential savings.

As the Internet of Things is making way into the homes of many, most of us already understand the basics of a Smart Home. The Smart Home is an automated home system and appliances that can be controlled remotely through a WiFi connection. This sophisticated system allows the homeowner to monitor and control the home’s functions. There are many products on the market that can be installed in an ordinary home enabling a certain function to work as a smart system. Homes that are fully smart consist of a main automated control hub that controls all the other systems in the house. Smart Homes …

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