The 5 Industries With The Highest Cyber Security Risks

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New technology means new avenues for growth in every field, but it also means new threats. In our digital age, cyber security risks are undoing some of the greatest technological advancements in key industries.

In 2015 alone, the Theft Resource Center found that over 780 data breaches occurred, leaving over 169 million records or personal information to fall into the wrong hands.

Breaches occurred in a variety of different industries leaving many to question who is the most susceptible and why. Now, two years later and thousands of hacks detected, it is clear which industries are the most vulnerable to cyber security risks.

1. Health Care

The health care industry has experienced incredible booms in the use and integration of new technology. Unfortunately, they have also been victimized by hackers because of it. Last year over 100 million patient records were stolen by cyber criminals, leaving millions of patients at high risk of having their identities stolen from anyone around the world.

Cyber criminals target the health care industry for the deeply personal patient information within it. Hospitals, clinics and other medical centers hold patients’ social security numbers, personal addresses, bank information and health information. 

2. Education

Colleges and universities are consistently targeted as well. Universities contain …

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