Is Your Data Center Protected From All Environmental Elements?

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You’ve probably thought about how to keep your data safe from hackers, but what about the naturally occurring environmental elements that could cause massive equipment failures?

The extent to which you must worry about those things varies depending on where the data center is located and what the weather’s usually like there, but, no matter what, environmental elements can wreak havoc before you know it.

Let’s look at some of the most common environmental threats for a data center. We’ll also examine things you can do to minimize the adverse impact of those elements.

Monitoring Temperature

The temperature level of your data center is a crucial environmental element to watch. Luckily, it’s quite easy to ensure you’re within the recommended ranges for data center temperature best practices.

Guidance about temperature is constantly evolving, but current advice suggests keeping the temperature between 64.4-80.4 Fahrenheit. There are also classes of “allowable” temperatures intended to give data center personnel some flexibility.

Besides staying abreast about recommended temperature ranges, monitor your data center carefully with advanced temperature sensors placed on the top, middle and bottom of server racks. Handheld thermometers are useful for determining hot spots in a room. An alarm system can alert data center personnel if the temperature …

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