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Blockchain is a technology that pretty much took the world by storm in 2017, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency are words that almost everybody knows these days. These words have entered peoples’ minds through mainstream media, which has finally paid some attention to this exciting new technology.

Learn about cryptography in this article taken from Blockchain for Business 2019 by Peter Lipovyanov, an experienced investment banker and venture investor currently focusing on blockchain projects and crypto-assets. In this article, you will learn all about the art of cryptography and how it has evolved with time. You will get to learn how cryptography affects various aspects of the internet.

Introduction to cryptography

The crypto part of cryptocurrencies is a well-publicized term that you may have probably heard plenty of times over the last year or so. This sounds a bit mysterious or a bit cryptic, doesn’t it? Many of you have probably heard the word cryptography, but how many actually know what it involves?

Cryptography is the science of secure communication. It is useful in order to secure private information from being accessed by unauthorized third parties who can potentially act in bad faith. The process involves two main steps:

The …

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