Nowadays, every organisation is a data organisation. This not only applies to commercial organisations, but also to governments. Governments at every level – local, regional, national and supranational – should take a different approach to organise their activities. However, becoming a data organisation is not an easy feat. It requiresRead More →

Bugs and defects appearing in an application are a norm for software testers. Bugs indicate that software development is steering in the right direction. However, detection of bugs is a key to achieving software quality but managing these issues/bugs is quite challenging. There are different bug management tools that areRead More →

The future offers interesting and exciting times ahead for most businesses. With data being a big influencer in the enterprise of the future, it is a matter of time before we jump into the era of intelligent enterprises. Intelligent enterprises are going to be organizations that offer exemplary customer experienceRead More →

Are you a bot? This is a question that we’ve found ourselves asking more and more of late. As we increasingly interact with AI, it’s becoming harder to tell the bot from the human. A by-product of these blurring bot lines is the phenomenon of ‘aiporia’.  But what is aiporia,Read More →