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Sensitive Big Data Exposure and How to Avoid It

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A few years back, big data was a tech jargon term understood by few outside the industry – but not any more. During the last few years, the incredible potential of mining large datasets of increased volume, variety and veracity and at higher velocity has started to dawn on the rest of high-revenue generating economy sectors; nowadays the challenges posed by big data are on everyone’s minds, along with the high rewards involved. Every pertinent actor, from financial and commerce giants to health and education providers, are either developing processes to utilise big data, or are already there. That is good news, but they must also be mindful of the risks involved and take steps to mitigate them.

Big Data Breaches Can Affect Millions of Users

Big data, by nature, is no stranger to sensitive data exposure – currently listed as A6 on OWASP Top Ten 2017 Release Candidate, an authoritative source for the most critical web application threats out there. Sensitive data falling into the wrong hands is in itself devastating enough, but imagine the multiplying effect of huge datasets of vulnerable information being compromised. Just last November, news surfaced that a hacker was able to access the sensitive data of over 34 …

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