Protection for Your Business Data: The Must-Have of 21st Century

Why should you protect your data? After all, it’s only now seen as the most valuable resource in the world; even more valuable than oil, in fact. What’s more, while it can be a challenge to steal enough oil, to steal enough data is a synch. After all, Snowden managed to steal 20,000 files from the NSA using nothing more than a few thumb drives. That’s the NSA we’re talking about!

So why should you protect your data? Because if you don’t, then you might well end up with a similar fallout when a disgruntled employee or outside hacker decides to get at your files and do serious harm with them.

The question, of course, isn’t if you should protect your data. That goes without saying. It is how to protect your data.  That’s what the rest of this article is going to be devoted to.

Know what you need to protect

Step one is identifying the data that actually needs protection. Some things do. Some things don’t. Some things that absolutely need to be secured are things like:

Customer data. This is stuff like transaction accounts, private information like names and addresses, personal data of any kind and anything else that might be sensitive.
The …

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