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Mapping the Future of Sports with Artificial Intelligence

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Sports events fascinate and charm millions of people around the world, whether it is one of the Grand Slams, the UEFA Champions League, or the Olympics. But in the backstage, there’s a number of things, with technology at the top, that make those events brighter and smarter.  

Indeed, today’s sports world is becoming tech savvy by bringing together athletes’ natural talent, accurate analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). The latter two are also successfully used to enhance decision-making and gain a competitive advantage over the competitors.

This article will discuss various uses of AI in sports, including real time reporting, robotic coaching, and journalism.    

An expert statistician  

In combination with sensor systems, AI is able to analyze players’ performance and provide accurate real time match statistics: scores, speed, distance, strength, percentages of possession, and more — depending on type of sport.

A notable example is Hawk-Eye, a sophisticated vision processing technology combined with an intelligent video replay and a creative graphics platform. This AI-driven tool tracks balls to millimeter accuracy and is adopted in many sports, including but not limited to tennis, football, baseball, and snooker.

At some events, this technology is applied to make the game fairer, safer, and smarter. For instance, in tennis …

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