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Innovative healthcare provider offers transparent pricing and all-inclusive packages

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The recent opening of Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital (GHK) ushers in a new era in private healthcare in the city, where comprehensive services and top-notch facilities are offered in an environment that puts privacy and comfort at the forefront.  As an innovative healthcare provider, GHK is also the first private hospital in Hong Kong to offer clinical treatments with all-inclusive medical packages as part of its efforts to deliver quality patient care with a transparent fee structure.

GHK, a 500-bed multi-specialty private tertiary hospital located in Wong Chuk Hang, is a joint venture between Parkway Pantai Limited, one of Asia’s largest integrated private healthcare groups, and NWS Holdings Limited. The University of Hong Kong is GHK’s exclusive clinical partner and is responsible for providing GHK with clinical governance and clinical expertise. GHK is also an affiliated teaching hospital under HKU Health System, providing training for healthcare professionals.

All-inclusive packages for peace of mind

Seeking private healthcare in Hong Kong can be daunting as there is a myriad of hidden costs for a stay in hospital. To address this, GHK has devised over 50 all-inclusive packages covering some of the most common medical conditions.

Dirk Schraven, Chief Executive Officer of GHK, said: “By building on our expertise and experience as an international healthcare provider, we strive to serve Hong Kong and address the needs of patients here. We believe these all-inclusive packages with fee transparency will meet the demand for quality medical services at a fixed, affordable price.”

In addition, GHK also offers a fixed price extension package, charged on a per day basis, for patients who opt to stay longer. Extension packages are also all-inclusive in nature, with the exception of services such as re-operation and intensive care.

To ensure that the possibility of a mounting medical bill will not be weighing on patients’ minds as they recuperate, a fee advisory service is given to all patients before admission to help them better manage costs and make informed decisions.

A detailed quotation on packaged services will be provided, with items that are excluded from the package fee clearly stated. Patients will also be advised thoroughly on additional charges before any such services or procedures are performed.

High degree of privacy and a healing ambience

Modern healthcare differentiates itself not only in terms of advanced clinical treatment but also exceptional patient care. Comfort and privacy are an integral part of healing. This is also where GHK has been designed to excel.

“We place great importance on a holistic patient experience, and want to make sure that patients are as stress-free as possible while they are with us. We do so via the environment we create, the staff who serve them and the quality we deliver,” said Schraven.

Upon entering hospital grounds, GHK’s symmetrical twin towers greet visitors with an embracing and welcoming outlook. The use of curved and sweeping lines and earthy, neutral colour palette exudes warmth and serenity. This is supplemented by soft, angled lighting in patient areas to create a stress-free ambiance.

All rooms at GHK feature a curtain wall design so patients can enjoy plenty of natural light as well as the lush green views of Island South’s tranquil surrounds. The landscape gardens, located on the third and fifth floors, provide patients with soothing greenery and a restful open space to enjoy and rejuvenate during the day.

Superior privacy is assured with the 2-bedded standard room, a unique feature among private hospitals in Hong Kong. There are also single rooms and suites to meet different needs and preferences but all are very spacious, giving patients a quiet environment to rest and recover.

GHK makes every effort to put patients at ease. Valet parking and porter service are offered to ensure that they feel welcome right away before they check in.

Comprehensive and quality healthcare services 

Opened in March 2017, GHK is already one of Hong Kong’s major private hospitals due to its wide range of clinical services spanning more than 35 specialties and subspecialties.

In addition, GHK’s outpatient services span 16 specialties through 15 clinics, including General Surgery, General Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgery, ENT /Eye, Urology, Paediatric, Chinese Medicine and Health Screening etc. Other service centres include Endoscopy Centre, Rehabilitation Centre, Cardiovascular Laboratory, Chemotherapy Centre and Dialysis Centre. GHK also provides Accident and Emergency services providing service from 8am to 11pm currently, which will be expanded to 24/7 in the near future.

With top-notch facilities, strong backup, comprehensive services and a holistic view on healing, GHK is setting a new standard for private healthcare in Hong Kong that is on par with the best international practices.

Title: Innovative healthcare provider offers transparent pricing and all-inclusive packages

Source: news from Healthcare Privacy

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