How Uber Depends on Data Analytics to Deliver Extreme Customer Service

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From a simple limo hailing app for friends to the world’s go-to taxi app. Uber’s growth in the approximately 7 years of existence can be described by one word, “Phenomenal”.

But there’s another way to define Uber, one that not many have given thought to.  Uber is a Big Data company, on the likes of Google and Amazon. It not only uses existing data in its banks effectively for its business operations, but the process of gathering data – data from drivers, data about drivers, data of passengers, data about passengers, data of traffic systems around the world, transactional data – and analyzing all of it in real time, continues.

BigInsights Principal Raj Dalal caught up with Uber’s Chief Data Architect M C Srivas on his recent trip to San Francisco. In the course of the hour-long conversation, among many things, Srivas spoke of what data analytics means for Uber, and how innovation in data is being used to further what is now popularly known around the world as “the Uber model.”

Raj: I have been tracking for a while now how data can be used to drive “extreme customer service”. Uber has done some exciting stuff, matching supply and demand and estimating …

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