4 Simple Data Security Tips for Self-Taught Developers

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The vast majority of developers are self-taught. This makes sense, considering how quickly technology evolves and adapts to changing market conditions. It just isn’t feasible to return to universities and coding boot camps every time something changes. But, the most shocking statistic to come out of a recent survey of software developers is that approximately 13% of coders are completely self-taught; completing bypassing traditional education programs.

For the self-taught coder out there, or the intrepid high schooler with a laptop and a passion for creating digital magic, security is something that is usually lacking. I’ve worked on projects with dev teams consisting of individuals with a variety of backgrounds. The common thread, in my experience, is that self-taught coders oftentimes lack the foundational concepts behind securing the content they produce.

Granted, some of these guys started out as hackers, but the majority of white-hat, self-taught developers need the help of formally trained developers in completely securing their project for release into the wild.

1. Collaborate with Your Peers and Build a Reputation the Hard Way

If you’ve learned to code on your own, don’t limit yourself by remaining a solo operator. Teaming up with a group of seasoned experts can dramatically increase your knowledge, …

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