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How Trading Companies are Leveraging Behavioral Analytics to Win Conversions and Retention

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In the dynamic trading industry that relies so heavily on trader conversions and retention, traders need to understand what drives customers toward achieving their goals. In order to understand this, traders need to be able to analyze not just digital analytics, but digital behavior over time.

When thinking of analytics, it’s not simply Google Analytics. Google analytics is great for a basic understanding of visitors and customers. How many visitors are on the site now at which pages? What geographic region are they in? What advertisement prompted them to click? But these surface insights do not shed light on behavior. This is what I call static data, a one-dimensional snapshot of one single touch point on the website.

That’s where behavioral analytics shapes a whole new future for trading companies. By leveraging this approach, traders are able to go beyond traditional analytics to understand behavior over time.

Behavioral Analytics in Trading Companies

What started out as a business intelligence tool for eCommerce companies has now expanded to dozens of industries – from online games, to web and mobile applications to IoT and now FinTech. For trading companies specifically, behavioral analytics present a timeline of user actions.

This isn’t just about a single trading action, …

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