How to Secure Your Cloud-based Applications From Cyber Security Attacks

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We think our customers’ data and business information is safe if we store everything in the cloud. This is true to some extent and this kind of shift has also made businesses from small to big save a lot of money by reducing their IT expenses, access scalable tools, and reduction of on-site load of their IT infrastructure. According to CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), nearly 70% of the businesses across the globe now operate in the cloud.

With benefits like great flexibility, automatic software updates, etc. the number 70%, isn’t that big. However, even cloud has its own downsides for storing apps that have loads and loads of data. That is the main reason the remaining 30% business owners are still in dilemma whether to go to the cloud or not as they can not make a move without stringent security practices in place.

Today, we will discuss the top 5 of security tips for cloud-based applications you should be aware of.

1. Develop a Threat Model

Develop a threat model for every cloud app that you are taking into consideration for cloud deployment. Find out the potential threats, both in terms of technical and business issues, no matter whether these threats can be …

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