How IoT Could Affect Our Daily Routine

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The Internet of Things may very well have been named when someone was really at a loss for words. But whatever the name of the new wave of tech, it appears that IoT is on everyone’s radar. The Internet of Things refers to the connectivity of all elements involved in human lifestyle. Think refrigerators, coffee machines and maybe even the oil burner.

Just like TVs now come pre-built with connections for computer cables and various audio, video and game players, your household items may soon come with the capability to speak to the internet. There are a number of repercussions to this. Life will certainly be even easier with more automated systems. There are almost too many time and labor saving devices in existence to list. Consider simple items like dishwashers or windshield wipers up to more complex ones like those that notify us of severe weather or satellites that detect space anomalies. All these things were once left to human eyes and hands.

On the other hand, the internet is far more complex than the direct link between your car’s dash and the windshield wipers. Privacy is continually touted as the concern of the future. An item that has been pre-programmed …

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