What’s in a Name; 7 Blockchain Benefits for the Finance Industry

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A few days ago, The Merkle ran a story that R3CEV, the largest blockchain consortium of banks and technology firms, admitted that the technology they are developing does not use a blockchain and as such they admitted defeat. A day before that article, R3CEV released a story about when a blockchain is not a blockchain to explain that what the R3 partnership is developing is actually not a blockchain, but an open source distributed ledger technology (Corda). As R3CEV explains in their article, it is “heavily inspired by and captures the benefits of blockchain systems, but with design choices that make it able to meet the needs of regulated financial institutions”.

The distributed ledger platform that has been developed by R3CEV in collaboration with 70 global institutions from all corners of the financial services industry has a few unique settings that, according to R3CEV, makes it not a blockchain. These changes were required to satisfy regulatory, privacy and scalability concerns. As such, the platform restricts access to data within agreements to predetermined actors and the financial agreements used are smart contracts that are actually legally enforceable as they are rooted firmly in law.

Whether it is a blockchain or not, or simply …

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