How Do Leading Businesses Protect Their Data Centers?

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As more and more businesses invest in data centers to efficiently store and manage company data, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we need to have a discussion about data center integrity and what can be done to mitigate the risks that could potentially come into play at any given moment.

5 Ways to Protect a Data Center

A data center isn’t something to be taken lightly. Whether you design your own, purchase a pre-fabricated data center, or lease one, advanced protection is an absolute must. Here are a few things to be thinking about:

1. Control Physical Access

While you could argue that controlling physical access is second to securing network and system access (in terms of priorities), it’s a good idea to start with the physical side of things. That’s because controlling physical access to your data center is a much easier challenge. It lets you get a small “win” from the start and gives you one less thing to worry about.

A common strategy is to look at your data center in terms of zones. IT pro Rutrell Yasin likes the idea of using three zones. As he explains, “One zone would be for researchers to test and stage equipment, one would provide …

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