From Buzz to Brass Tacks: Data-backed Strategies to Improve Sales Performance

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No sales team would pass up an opportunity to improve its overall productivity and profitability. Most also realize that big data and analytics are game changers. The question isn’t whether to harness the power of big data and analytics. It’s deciding what provides the most value to individual salespeople and the entire organization.

While the majority of today’s organizations may recognize the potential of big data, most struggle with how to properly apply the skills of data scientists:

Most businesses that do hire data scientists often lacks an idea how to effectively utilize their skills. Most data scientists are stuck in maintenance mode organizing and collating data, rather than actually analyzing it.

Below are several practical applications of big data that can be used to boost sales performance in an organization.

Real-time Performance Visibility and Optimization

Companies that consistently post record sales quarter after quarter have learned how to close the gap between CRM and the real-time performance of sales teams. One reason why is because big data gives management the visibility to more completely see what’s going on with the entire sales team and their processes.

Sales platforms driven by big data give managers more information to work with when it comes to coaching their …

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