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How Big Data is Driving Value for Human Resources

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Everyone knows that Big Data offers tremendous benefits for businesses, from sales to marketing, accounting, and everything in between. When you think about Big Data, HR is probably not a business function that immediately comes to mind, yet it’s a business function that can reap big benefits.

But Why HR?

Aren’t analytics best suited for helping companies better target their customers, attract leads, and convert website visitors? Yes, but many of those positive customers and bottom-line outcomes are made possible by people. And when companies leverage Big Data to determine the right perks and benefits that foster loyalty, find the right level of flexibility to provide employees with work-life balance, improve the effectiveness of training programs, and predict how likely a particular candidate or employee is to jump ship, they can leverage their human capital in incredibly effective ways.

Streamlining Hiring with Big Data

It’s always been relatively simple to gather certain data on employees, such as salaries, the value of benefits packages, and sales data. But today’s technology puts Big Data at HR’s fingertips, making it possible to readily gather and analyze data before, during, and after the hiring process, empowering companies to make smarter hiring decisions and build a more efficient …

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